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Embrace tranquility in our Lowcountry haven, where nature's beauty meets timeless architecture. Discover homes and cottages crafted to cultivate serenity, where deep porches beckon for quiet contemplation and friendly gatherings. Here, amidst the enchantment of river, tidal marsh, ancient trees, and wildlife, experience a profound sense of belonging and reverence for the extraordinary.

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Positioned at the crossroads of Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Beaufort, and Savannah, GA, Oldfield boasts an unparalleled and strategically advantageous location. With two airports conveniently positioned within a 40-minute drive, accessibility becomes a hallmark of the Oldfield experience. This prime location ensures residents can effortlessly connect with the vibrant surrounding communities while enjoying the convenience of swift and direct travel options. Choose Oldfield for a precise blend of central convenience and the distinctive charm of Lowcountry living.

Martina Harmon  
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